MAXCOM - about us

Maxcom, with 19 years of experience, is a modern, dynamically developing company, engaged in the production and continuous improvement of telecommunications devices, mainly GSM mobile phones, smartphones, strong phones, wireless loudspeakers, smartwatches, smartbandów, electric scooters, wired and wireless telephone telephones and walkie-talkie PMR radios.

From 2017, Maxcom is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

It is currently one of the leaders in Europe in terms of the number of mobile and traditional telephone handsets sold, their modern appearance and advanced features and technologies.

All devices offered for the European market have certificates of conformity, allowing them for use in the country and in the European Union. He is a pioneer in introducing the most innovative solutions for demanding clients.

The group operates under two Maxcom and Maxton budget brands. The Group sells through diversified distribution channels in over 20 European countries, including through four major mobile operators in Poland, over a dozen operators abroad, retail chains and selected dealers and sales agents.

Thanks to its own research and development department, Maxcom is able to quickly respond to the changing needs of customers and launch new phone models.

In 2018, Maxcom received a license to exclusively distribute Meizu smartphones in Poland. Meizu Telecom Company Limited is one of the largest manufacturers of modern smartphones in the world, selling about 20 million phones a year.

Maxcom in 2018, became a partner in the Comtel Group operating in the electronics and household appliances industry. The value of the transaction was over PLN 2.4 million. Thanks to the acquisition, Maxcom expanded the distribution channels of its products as well as expanded the range to include new categories of consumer electronics. Comtel is the only distributor for Spain of the Spanish brand LAUSON, as well as brands TREVI, G3Ferrari and Girmi. Since 2011, the company has been launching products in its own N'oveen brand.

In 2019, Maxcom became an authorized distributor of Lenovo IoT devices. Maxcom also established cooperation with the leading manufacturer of NextBase car cameras on the British market.

The highest quality of Maxcom products is confirmed by their excellent sales at telecommunications operators in Poland and abroad, in retail chains in our country and in Europe, in specialist stores and at distributors and dealers in many countries around the world.

In June 2019, Maxcom underwent successful implementation of Quality Management Systems in accordance with ISO standards:

PN-EN ISO 9001: 2015

PN-EN ISO / IEC 27001: 2017-06

In July 2019, Maxcom has undergone a refreshment of the logo, and thus the existing own brands have been subordinated to the Maxcom brand. The same product lines were created under the Maxcom logo:

Maxcom - the main brand, which are signed both cell phones and other consumer electronics. This brand is targeted at a wide range of users and is sold through all distribution channels, i.e. mobile operators, commercial networks, dealers and sales agents, etc.); and
Maxcom Sound - a line used to sign classic mobile phones with a physical keyboard and bluetooth wireless speakers. This brand is addressed to the less demanding user, for whom the main criterion of purchase is the price of the product. This brand is dedicated to the sales channel, which are retail chains, in particular supermarkets.
Maxcom Fit - a line covering three product lines: multimedia watches (smartwatches), fitness bands (smartbands) and electric vehicles.
Maxcom Accessories - an innovative product line for broadly defined phone accessories and more. The offer includes: power banks, cables for all types of phones, high-quality headphones, as well as glasses and cases for smartphones.
Maxcom Light - a new product line that was established in 2019. Under Maxcom Light, modern desk lamps are produced with solutions that simplify everyday duties (induction chargers, usb chargers, backlights, clocks). The brand is targeted at both home users and offices.


Maxcom sells mainly to business customers. Diversified distribution channels include:

  • telecommunications operators - including four major mobile operators in Poland and a dozen or so operators abroad,
  • retail chains - including electromarkets and multi-branch supermarkets in Poland and abroad,
  • dealers and sales agents in Poland and abroad.

In addition, Maxcom conducts direct sales to end customers through its own online store and other online stores and auction portals.

Telecommunications operators Orange, Plus, T-Mobile, Play Telemach, Telekom Slovenije, Telenor, Bazile Telecom, T-Mobile, Orange, o2, Velcom
Retail chains Auchan, Selgros, carrefour, Kaufland, Tesco, RTV Euro AGD, Neonet, MediaMarket, Saturn, Partner AGD-RTV, Media Ekspert NAY, Tesco, Electro World, Prisma, Senukai
Selected dealers and sales agents  AB SA, ABC Data Ingram Micro, Komsa


  • Maxcom's products are designed and created in Poland by an internal R & D department, as well as by external experts in Europe and China.
  • Following the general trend of leading telecommunications companies around the world, the Company commissions the assembly of equipment to specialized factories in China.
  • Telephones are imported to Poland mainly by sea, and in special cases by air.
  • Maxcom's goods are imported from China and delivered to recipients in cooperation with forwarding and courier companies. All transports, both to customers and own are insured.

Maxcom offers devices in 4 product line: comfort, classic, stron and smart.